Last updated: 29 December 2004
Posted on: 27 April 1998

Other Refueling Patches

Here are some other insignia, which some, I'm not sure what unit they belong to or even if they were used by units, so if you know please let me know what you know about these patches.

SR-71s where refueled by the KC-135Q, and then eventually the KC-10 was also used. But the main aircraft was the "Q", with it's segragated fuel tanks and integrated intercom system in the boom and light on the rear of the aircraft to light up the aircraft for the all to often night refuelings the SR did.

A KC-135Q version of the
3+ Diamond

KC-135Q, black letters

KC-135Q, white letters,
with no "SR-71"

Variation on the
KC-135Q Shield,
Courtesy C. Langston Collection
Courtesy C. Langston Collection
Courtesy C. Langston Collection
Team Recce in white letters
Courtesy C. Langston Collection
Courtesy of the
"KCBoomer" collection
Habu Refuelers
And eventually the KC-10
started doing some of the SR-
71 refuelings
And the new re-engined "Q"s are called "T"s
Tanker Task Force patches
KC-135Qs from Desert Storm 90, Left- Saddam Stalkers,
Right- USAF Arabian Knights, Courtesy C. Langston Collection
Left- Beale Bandit, Courtesy C. Lamgston Collection
Right- Variation on Beale Bandit, the Beale Bandette, perhaps a female crew member(s) or?

If you know the reason this patch was made please contact John...
Desert Storm
2 Desert Beale Patches thin planes, and fat planes

Morale/Joke patch, 2 variations, Right- Courtesy C. Langston Collection
ACE-Air Crew Enhancement
for Tankers crews
Not specifically a Q patch

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