Last updated: 18 March 2007
Posted on: 27 April 1998

Lockheed &
Skunk Works Patches

The Skunk Works was founded by C.L. "Kelly" Johnson in 1943, at the Burbank Airport near Los Angeles, CA.. It has
since moved out to the high desert of Palmdale, CA . Also called "Advanced Development Projects"(ADP), but is still
referred to it's nickname of the "Skunk Works". Since the merger the new name for Lockheed is Lockheed Martin, thus
Lockheed Martin Skunk Works.
Lockheed 60's era
Old Lockheed logo
Courtesy of the C. Langston Collectiuon
Old Lockheed logo, but a new patch
Newer old logo
Skunk Works logo
Patch for the 50th anniversary of the
Skunk Works, 1943-1993
Another Skunk works patch
and another....
ADP Overhaul & Repair
Morale patch for Professional Pride,
Bldg 199
Site 2 U-2 and SR-71 maintenance, not
sure if still existance, may have been
replaced by Site 7

Site 7 at Palmdale, CA does maintenance
on U-2s

10 year anniversary of Lockheed at
Palmdale, CA
Lockheed Martin Skunk Works
Palmdale, CA
Lockheed Martin Skunk Works
Plant Protection

Courtesy of the
C. Langston Collectiuon
Probably not Skunk Works but a
neat old Lockheed patch, none the
Lockheed's Rye Canyon radar
testing facility
Palmdale Structural Testing
Courtesy C. Langston Collection

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