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9RW:  9th Reconnaissance Wing, Beale Air Force Base, California

12AF:  Twelfth Air Force, Davis Manthon Air Force Base, Arizona

ACC:  Air Combat Command, Langley Air Force Base, Virginia

ADS:  Accessory Drive System

AF:  Air Force

AFB:  Air Force Base

AFMC:  Air Force Material Command

AGE:  Aerospace Ground Equipment

ANS:  Astro Navigation System

ASARS I:  Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System I

AWC:  Air Warfare Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

BAFB:  Beale Air Force Base, California

CG:  Center of Gravity

CMSgt:  Chief Master Sergeant

Col.:  Colonel

COMNAV:  Communication/Navigation

DAFCS:  Digital Automated Flight Control System

DEF:  Defensive Systems

Det:  Detachment

Det 4:  SR-71 Detachment One, Mildenhal Air Base, United Kingdom

Det 2:  SR-71 Detachment Two, Edwards Air Force Base, California

Det 4:  Big Safari Detachment four, Ontario, California

Det 6:  SR-71 Detachment Six, Norton Air Force Base, California

DMRS:  Digital Mission Recording System

EAFB:  Edwards Air Force Base, California

ECP:  Entry Control Point

EGT:  Exhaust Gas Temperature

FCF:  Functional Check Flight

HPO:  Hourly Postflight Inspection

IP:  Instructor Pilot

LM:  Lockheed Martin Corporation

LN2:  Liquid Nitrogen

LOX:  Liquid Oxygen

Lt. Col.:  Lieutenant Colonel

MR:  Mission Ready

MSgt:  Master Sergeant

NASA:  National Aeronautics and Space Administration

OBC:  Optical Bar Camera

TDY:  Temporary Duty

TEB:  Triethylborane

TEOC:  Technical Objective Camera

TIM:  Technical Interface Meeting

TSgt:  Technical Sergeant

QA:  Quality Assurance

QAE:  Quality Assurance Evaluator

QDR:  Quality Deficiency Report

RSO:  Reconnaissance Systems Operator

USMC:  United States Marine Corps

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